Patch Notes v.0.0.13

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    Patch Notes v0.0.13

    [General Changes:]

    - added b25 scrolls for van cliff to saga shop

    - added b20 scrolls for van cliff to cash shop

    - removed premium shop license from mission token exchange

    - all hp/mp potions are now stackable to 9999

    - removed "Flame of Monsters" from BigWheel because non-useable

    - replaced all event insurance scrolls by normal insurance scrolls to avoid bugs in enchanting

    [Bug Fixes:]

    - fixed invisible texture of frozen wolf, frozen weasle, unicorn, dark dragon and divine chick at stage 2 and 3

    - removed "exhibition hall van cliff heart" system message

    - fixed interface colours in option menu

    [Skill Changes:]


    - Ascending Dragon - decreased cooldown to 10s

    - Dragon Dive - decreased cooldown to 10s

    - Rolling Ground - increased dmg - decreased cooldown to 6s

    - Spear Jab - hit fallen enemies

    - Aerial Smackdown - increased dmg

    - Cutdown - increased dmg - increased range

    - Shoulder Smackdown - increased dmg


    - Annihilation - fixed dmg, amount of attacks and removed atk speed scale to make the skill working correctly again


    - Blessing - removed final crit rate debuff and fixed descriptions

    - Wide Heal - fixed


    - Nuclear - removed awakening points charge


    - Step The Beat! - increased to 15 min uptime

    All Classes

    - Awakening Skills - fixed superarmor everywhere