Patch Notes v.0.0.11

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    Patch Notes v0.0.11

    [General Changes:]

    - removed stats from dark magician and yule fashion set (should be just fashion)

    - removed the mounts rising sun, teal crusier, midnight scream and regulus from the saga shop

    - activated naruto sets for drakans

    - added repeatable quest for van cliff heart (so every party member gets the heart 100%), decreased the heart drop of van cliff himself to 10 % (so you have the chance to get two hearts in one round)

    - removed relic boxes from hidden maps killcount and added more gada coins


    - added advanced enchant insurance scrolls (x1) to the daily quest of farrell, revius, count van cliff, bone and paris

    - added world loot box to the loottable of missions

    - added jacky beans, exp potions (x1.5/x2) to mission coin exchange

    Cash Farm Methods

    Cookie Mission

    • 40 cookies 100cash
    • 88 cookies 200cash
    • 120 cookies 500 cash

    Other Missions

    • 52 tokens 100 cash
    • 88 tokens 200cash
    • 140 tokens 500 cash

    [Bug Fixes:]

    - pinky weapon from the questline doesn't transform to a cash weapon anymore

    - fixed description demolition charge and death stinger

    - fixed description of VIP potions in the cash shop

    [Skill Changes:]


    - Shootdown - increased amount of arrows


    - Adrenaline - increased to 15 min uptime