Patch Notes v.0.0.52

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    Patch Notes v0.0.52

    [CDMG/HP Rings Rework:]

    - reworked 1-15 Star CDMG/HP Rings at the Akia Cave and decreased price from 2 to 1 merit each

    - reworked 16-20 Star CDMG/HP Rings at the Divinities Dungeon and decreased price of cash and added merits to make them more valuable again


    [General Changes:]

    - 10, 20 and 50 gold pouches are now exchangeable to 1000 gold pouches at the vending machine

    - removed tier 4 merit set from the saga shop to make merit more valuable again

    [Bug Fixes:]

    - fixed bug with shoulders of the halloween set drakans