Patch Notes v.0.0.50

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    Patch Notes v0.0.50

    [CDMG/HP Rings Rework:]

    - reworked 10 Star CDMG/HP Ring at the vending machine and decreased price to 1000 Silver/Gold Coins and 1500 Merit


    - added new dungeon for 16 to 20 Star CDMG/HP Ring Farm: Realm of Divinities to Port of the Winds


    - added new exchange for 16 to 20 Star CDMG/HP Rings next to the new Dungeon


    - added 15 Star CDMG/HP Rings for Cash to the Cash Shop -> Promotion

    [Skill Changes:]


    - Parry, Impervion and Revenge - activated for BSQ/PvP

    - Iron Skin - increased to phy/mag defense and added flat ATK

    - Shield Mastery - increased to phy/mag defense, added physical amp and fixed description