Patch Notes v.0.0.48

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    Patch Notes v0.0.48

    [SoulCraft Expand Rework:]

    - reworked exchange at gwen, removed the soulcraft expanders from card exchange and added them to the merit exchange

    - removed soulcraft expander insurance scrolls completely

    - set rate of expanding items to 100 % from Level 1 (x1.1) to 10 (x2.0)

    - reworked the amount of the exchange, added merit as second needed item (cause we removed the insurance scrolls)

    You just need 10 x SoulCraft Expander to expand one item from Level 1 to 10. The rate is 100 %.

    You can either farm them (about 100 runs for 1 Item Lv. 10) or get them in the Saga Shop (1 x SoulCraft Expander => 100 SC - 10 x SoulCraft Expander => 900 SC).



    [Bug Fixes:]

    - fixed Guildvault (it's useable again)

    [Skill Changes:]


    - Reverse Gravity - increased DMG